Here are 12 simple steps on how to improve your fitness:

1 – Work out in quick spurs

It may sound strange, but a new study has proved that a person who did a few session of 30-second sprint has reaped the same heart benefit of a person who has jogged for 40-60 minutes. If you want your heart to start racing, then you can jump the rope for three minutes or try sprinting to and from your mailbox a few times a day. Sprinting blocks sporadically is also an option for people who live in urban areas.

2- A fitter home for improved fitness

There are a few ways you can improve your fitness from your home by making some arrangement. For example, you can do curls when you heat dinner using your dumbbells set will flex your muscles. Or leave your mat next to bed so that you can do downward dog when you get up or when you go to sleep. You can try to hang a resistance band at bathroom doorknob and use it while you fill your tub. You can also try using a stability ball as your desk chair.

3- Make small changes to your lifestyle

Try to make some changes to your lifestyle. Even making these small changes can make a huge difference to your fitness level. Using stair instead of an escalator, running upstairs to grab your sweater is simple activities, but can improve your fitness.

4- Introduce a new plan to your evening

If your idea of ideal date is a dinner and a movie, try making it to dinner and dancing or any other activity that will keep you active

5- Watching TV while exercising

Try doing your regular workout with your favorite TV show. The time will fly and the workout will sweat you up. It’s a win-win situation.

6- Exercise at your desk: Try using software like Break Pal that will make you happy and active in office. Answer your phone standing up than sitting down. It can burn 10 percent more calories than sitting.

7- Being brave: Do what others don’t. For example in winter, you can burn 182 calories by shoveling for 30 minutes.

8- Stick to it: Stick to your exercise session. Make it a part of your calendar.

9- New plans for vacation:

Plan a vacation or holiday that involves activities like hiking, biking, walking and others will make you burn your calories

10- Use your mirror:

Studies show that people who watch themselves while working out will tend to do exercise faster.

11- Increase the beat:

A new study says that faster music makes your feet move faster and you will exercise longer.

12- Use a pedometer:

Use a pedometer and track the number of steps. Keep an aim and try to reach it every day.