Sometimes when you are really struggling, all you need is someone to help you keep focused and stay on track when you are trying to lose weight. When you live with a family or roommates, it’s easier to cut back on eating since they will see the remnants of the box of pizza or empty cookie tins.  If you live with other people, there is an accountability there that you need to stick to.  But if you live alone, no one is there to judge you if you order take out every other night or if you finish a pint of ice cream in one sitting.

One of my favorite things to do is call a friend when I’m feeling low or struggling and discuss our weight loss goals and ambitions together to help us stay on track when we are having difficulties.  If you are too shy to discuss your goals with other people you may consider paying for a personal weight loss consultant over the phone to help you stay on track. The goal of this person is to size up what your goals are and he or she will call you every day for thirty minutes to discuss your progress and if you’ve been having successes or not. It’s almost like a form of therapy.  My consultant when I was losing weight knew that I was taking the 21 day fix diet plan and I wanted to lose weight while on that container sizes for the 21 day fix and she asked me if I had been consistently eating 1200 calories a day or cheating. If I cheated, I felt guilty since I know she had been working hard to keeping me staying motivated and on track.  But if you’re not working out or doing exercise and eating ice cream, you’ll feel guilty since you know she is trying her best to keep you motivated.

Finding a consultant is important but you need to find one who can help you stay on track.  My consultant was a female about my age and she had my ideal body type so I was able to use her as inspiration to keep going forward on my diet.  She instructed me to do various three day diet plans over the course as well so I’d be keeping strong and fit and healthy. I’m glad I chose someone who also had experience in the health and fitness field  and who was a woman so I could feel more comfortable discussing other areas that affected my weight like my relationships with men and past break-ups.

She was able to relate to me to not give up and keep persevering with my current diet and exercise program the 21 day fix. I highly recommend investing in a personal consultant to help you stay focused while exercising and dieting because if you live alone and do not have any workout buddies, you might often feel isolated or sad. Keep strong, workout hard and keep a log of all your successes so you can share with your consultant each evening when he or she calls you.