One of the biggest challenges that people trying to lose weight face is not knowing where to turn and who to talk to for support. When you want to lose weight is important to remember that you need to be surrounded by people who are like-minded. If you are hanging out with friends who only ever want to go to the bar and drink a lot of beer, or go to restaurants and gorge on fried food and cheesecake, it will be very difficult for you to meet those weight loss goals.

Studies have shown that people who hire a personal trainer or a nutritionist help them stay on track and be motivated with their goals have a 50% higher chance of succeeding over the duration of their weight loss journey. Luckily for you, there is a special trial offer for free weight loss consultations to see if you can find a nutritionist will help you meet your goals. One of our top nutritionist, Sandy Thomas, suggests that the key to weight loss is portion control. She says that in America, supersize is the only portion size that we understand.

We go to the cinema and we get a supersize drink and a supersize popcorn. Our stomachs are constantly expanding and we don’t know how to reverse this process. We fill ourselves full of junk that is full of empty calories you will never get nutrients we need. But when you start to learn what exactly is one of the latest diet that is recommended by Sandy, is called the 21 day fix. In this diet, you will use different portion fix containers teaching you how to eat them right amount of foods and within moderation.  Each container has a different size depending on what the food group is and you are encouraged to eat plenty of green containers filled with fresh raw or cooked vegetables.

True weight loss can never be accomplished by pure indulgence and similarity, it cannot be achieved by starving yourself and denying yourself any craving that you might have. The key to weight loss is moderation and having small quantities of those treats and foods that you love so much. By having a consultation with a nutritionist, you will be able to discuss your weight loss goals and clear-cut steps on how to achieve them as quickly as possible.